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Welcome to Defever Yachts 

DeFever is one of the most famous Trawlers in the U.S. Designed by the world famous designer Arthur Defever. DeFever trawlers are built specifically for so-called Long Range trips and therefore they have extremely fuel efficient engines. With a fuel consumption that not many boats in the market of this size can match. DeFever is 100% handmade and custom made for each customer. We build your boat, you take your dreams out to sea! Of course CE certified A "Ocean.

DeFever Yachts Europe , is the importer and dealer of DeFever trawlers 
in Europe , Russia , Turkey , Middle east by Pocta Shipyard in Taiwan .

After a success with the biggest brand in the world of sail yachts ,

we heard that more and more clients were looking for more quality

on the sea and still keep the low fuel consumption. 
DeFever is the brand that has a long range limit with a fuel consumption

not many competitors can match.

We have  40 years experience and have sold more then five hundred

brand new boats and yachts with quality aftersales services .