Designer Arthur DeFever / Wilson Lin POCTA

POCTA, or “Pacific Ocean Countries Trading Association”, is a Taiwan based company with a boat building history that spans several decades. POCTA's name is synonymous with DeFever Yachts, and POCTA's exclusive relationship with Arthur DeFever over many years has resulted in a proud heritage. These beautiful trawlers and motor yachts that bear the DeFever name are the only product produced at the POCTA shipyard. The management and employees of POCTA are dedicated exclusively to the production of DeFever Yachts, and not to a variety of sub-contracted boat designs, as is often the case with Asian boat builders. 


Over twenty years ago, POCTA moved its manufacturing facilities to mainland China ,

to the city of Suzhou , just west of Shanghai. Now long and well established on the mainland, POCTA is far ahead of many boat builders who have only recently begun to produce boats in China and elsewhere in Asia . POCTA's shipyard is one of the largest boat building facilities in mainland China , complete with fully enclosed building arenas and a test tank, where each vessel is launched and checked before shipment. Over one hundred experienced craftsmen and engineers combine their skills to produce each distinctive DeFever Yacht

POCTA / Head Office Taiwan